Biotin Gummies


Biotin, also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7, is the most important vitamin for promoting hair strength and hair growth.

Each pack contains a month’s supply of vitamins, with 60 gummies. Take two a day.

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Biotin is a vitamin and a Biotin deficiency is linked to hair loss. 

Biotin is important as it boosts the keratin infrastructure in your body. Keratin is a structural protein that serves as a key building block of head hair, beard hair and nails. 

Put simply, Biotin is the most important vitamin you can take to support your hair’s strength and growth.

Biotin works by increasing the activity of cells in hair which leads to hair growth and improves hair strength. 

In order to get best results, you should take two Biotin Gummies daily. For enhanced results, Biotin Gummies should be taken as part of your tailored Man Behind The Mirror hair growth plan.

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