White Teeth to Women - Naked Attraction

It only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression.

According to independent research, a whiter smile has a substantially positive effect on peoples’ first impressions of you. Someone’s smile is one of the first things you notice when meeting them.

Teeth are a rich source of information about us. Teeth are reflective of our passage through life, reflecting aspects such as our lifestyle and diet and the effects of disease and ageing. Whether it is conscious or subconscious, the quality of our teeth is as a sign of health and genetic quality. A white smile gives the appearance of youth and vitality.  

On the other hand, having discoloured teeth is deemed not just to be visually unattractive, but can sometimes come with the unfair stigma of bad hygiene. Women may assume that you have bad breath or don’t brush your teeth.

The benefits of a white smile go deeper than aesthetics and first impressions. Having a white smile is known to give men more confidence. In turn, we are likely to be assertive, and laugh and smile more, as we are proud of our teeth instead of trying to hide any discolouration. Women are attracted to male self-confidence and laughter.

A white smile may have a larger impact on your love life than you can imagine. Studies show that white, evenly spaced teeth make men much more attractive to women. 

The Stats are Conclusive

Numerous studies have been carried out in the UK and the US on the link between whiter teeth and the attractiveness to women. The studies all point to the same conclusion: a positive correlation.

  • A major study from researchers at the universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire confirmed that a white and evenly spaced set of teeth made people seem more attractive. The study found that teeth are 'the human equivalent of a peacock’s tail'. The researchers stated that teeth act as a 'human ornament display signalling mate quality'.
  • A national survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry showed that 96% of adults believed an attractive smile made a person more attractive to the opposite sex.
  • The healthcare company, Procter & Gamble, conducted a study that showed 86% of people would prefer to have whiter teeth. Participants said that whiteness gives the impression of cleanness and health, while yellow teeth gives the impression of decay and poor oral hygiene.
  • Numerous studies have simulated a first date and found that participants were more likely to get a second date with whiter teeth. The women in these studies saw male participants with whiter teeth as cleaner, more attractive and more approachable.  

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