Mental Health Awareness Week - Test Your Knowledge

It's mental health awareness week which means it's a great time to help raise the collective consciousness about mental health in the UK.

This year it is particularly poignant, as the week falls at a time when the coronovirus outbreak has prompted warnings of a potential mental health crisis in the UK.

There are some startling facts about mental health, and we put your knowledge to the test with the 10 questions below. Check the bottom of the page of the answers.

1. In what year was the first mental health awareness week?

a) 2001

b) 2005

c) 2010

2. What is the theme for this year’s mental health awareness week?

a) Sleep

b) Kindness

c) Motivation

3. Mental Health Awareness Week began on Monday 18 May with a special minute-long broadcast featuring which of the following?

a) Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

b) Elton John

c) JK Rowling

4. How many people in the UK will experience a mental health problem every year?

a) 1 in 4 people

b) 1 in 2 people

c) 1 in 8 people

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5. How long do the majority of people with a mental health problem wait before telling their closest family and friends about it?

a) 2 months

b) 7 months

c) Over a year

6. What percentage of mental illnesses begin during childhood, before the 18th birthday?

a) 50%

b) 60%

c) 75%

7. What is the estimated economic cost of mental health issues in England each year?

a) £75bn

b) £105bn

c) £130bn

8. Mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder affect one in four of the population, yet how much of UK health research spending goes on mental health?

a) 6%

b) 15%

c) 20%

9. What percentage of men in England are diagnosed with depression in their lifetime?

a) 7%

b) 10%

c) 13%

10. In a 2017 interview, who said the following when talking about their own depression, “For a long time I used to think that soldiers don’t go through that. You know? Like, strong people in life, the bravest, the most courageous people, they don’t go through that, they just get on with it... and that’s not the case."

a) Stormzy

b) Lewis Capaldi

c) Harry Styles

Answers: 1.a, 2.b, 3.a, 4.a, 5.c, 6.c, 7.b, 8.a, 9.c, 10.a

Always remember, that if you, or a loved one, are feeling down there is plenty of support available to you. Click here to see the many helplines and support groups that offer expert advice.

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