Hair Loss Treatments - Real Results with James Cowe

Man Behind The Mirror caught up with James Cowe, an influencer who has been taking our Finasteride hair loss treatment for the past few months. 

We asked James a range of questions, including his initial reaction to losing his hair, the effectiveness of the treatment, and whether he would recommend it to others.

MBtM: Hi James. When did you first notice you were balding? Where were you losing your hair?

James: I first noticed I was balding quite early on, at about 17-years old. At the time I knew it was inevitable because my Dad has lost all of his hair to genetic balding.

I was losing my hair at the left and right of the forehead which are the classic signs of male pattern baldness.

MBtM: What was your first instinct when you noticed the baldness? How did you feel about it?

James: I just thought 'oh no'. It's mainly the anxiety that comes with it and the stress, and the fear of being bald one day, and looking like my Dad. It's just awful the anxiety that comes with it.

Before Finasteride - James was experiencing receding and thinning hair at his temples. 

hair loss before finasteride

After Finasteride - James' hairline stopped receding and he also saw regrowth around the temples.

Man Behind The Mirror - Blog - James Cowe - Buy Finasteride Online - Buy Minoxidil Online

MBtM: What made you chose Finasteride? Did you look at other treatment options? 

JamesI did some research at the time and my partner mentioned Finsteride. Now that I knew Finasteride was out there I researched it a lot to determine its efficacy and any potential side-effects. I looked through a lot of case studies and the 95% success rate made me really optimistic that it would work well. 

I did look at Minoxidil too, but thought it was a bit messy, having to apply every morning and every evening. The other treatments out there, such as a hair transplant, were just too invasive. 

MBtM: How happy have you been with your results?

James: I would never look back at all. From day-1 I just had faith that it was going to work. Initially it was like a placebo effect I suppose. I thought, 'I'm going to keep my hair now' and it was just really exciting to be honest.

For the first 6-months I noticed a little bit of hair grow back, and I'm happy with the hairline I have now. I know feel that Finasteride is maintaining what I have. I think it's been really effective since I started it. 

MBtM: Would you recommend Finasteride to others?

James: Finasteride is perfect for me. You wake up every morning and you take a tablet. It's the easiest thing to do, it's a simple routine. It works great. 

Yes 100% I would recommend Finasteride. If you're a male, if you weigh the costs and the low likelihood of side-effects, it's a no-brainer to take it.

Man Behind The Mirror - Blog - James Cowe - Buy Finasteride Online - Buy Minoxidil Online

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